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Remodeling Alphabet Soup: What Do Those Certifications REALLY Mean?

Remodeling Alphabet Soup: What do Those Certifications REALLY Mean?

Kansas City NARI congratulates its latest group of certified professionals!

CRPM? CLC? CKBR? What do all those letters behind Kansas City NARI members’ names mean? We’ll decode some of the specifics below, but in short, certified remodeling professionals represent an elite group of industry experts who possess extensive technical and management skills that set them apart as capable remodeling professionals.

NARI’s certified designations are marks of dedication to the remodeling industry and a member’s quest for knowledge. The NARI certified designations are an assurance that the remodeling industry professional has years of experience, a dedication to ongoing training and a commitment to ethical conduct.

80% of consumers would choose a remodeling professional who is certified over one who is not.

Kansas City NARI has certified 73 remodeling professionals, making them the leader in the remodeling industry in the metro area. Below are the latest NARI professionals who received certifications at our January 2020 meeting.


Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC)
This certification is designed for experienced field professionals who oversee the technical aspects of a project, including personnel management and material flow.

Congratulations to Nathan Smith, CLC, from Mission Kitchen & Bath, on receiving his Certified Lead Carpenter certification!


Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM)
This certification is designed for professionals overseeing the administrative aspects of a project: customer satisfaction, scheduling subcontractors, record-keeping, risk management, financial controls, etc.

Congratulations to the following individuals on receiving their Certified Remodeling Project Manager certifications:



If you’re a Kansas City NARI member who is interested in certification, you can learn more on our website. Becoming a certified remodeler is a great investment in your career. Aren’t you worth it?