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Remodeling Professional Ethics

The encouragement for companies offering remodeling services to commit to the Remodeling Professional Ethics is a positive initiative. By adhering to these guiding principles, companies contribute to the elevation of the remodeling industry. Membership in the Remodeling Institute signifies a commitment to practicing Remodeling Professional Ethics, showcasing dedication to the industry, consumers, and the workforce. This approach not only fosters ethical standards but also enhances the reputation and trustworthiness of companies within the remodeling sector.

   1.  We are committed to creating safe and rewarding workplaces, prioritizing safety through regular         discussions and prompt correction of unsafe conditions.
   2.  We emphasize professional development by encouraging continuing education and are dedicated to         preventing discrimination or harassment.
   3.  We will collaborate among fellow members to encourage advocacy for free trade, support for professional         growth, and recognition of excellence.
   4.  We are committed to maintaining appropriate insurance and licensing, actively engaging in collaboration         with federal, state, and local authorities. Our dedication extends to fostering growth and ensuring the         health of our industry through compliance with proper licensure, adherence to best business practices,         and a focused commitment to education and recruitment initiatives.
   5.  We pledge honesty, ethics, and competence, reflected in fair contracts, truthful advertising, clear         communication, transparent acknowledgment of mistakes, and expertise in the field.
   6.  We will service our communities and aim to be a positive and trusted face, collaborating respectfully,         maintaining professionalism on job sites, and being a trusted source as vetted professionals.