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Membership Committee

The NARI Kansas City Membership Committee is an essential part of recruiting and retaining members.  They provide advice, tools, and resources to help the Board of Directors achieve their approved goals.

Committee Members Responsibilities:
   1.  Serves in an advisory role to guide the committee.
   2.  Expresses ideas and provides input.
   3.  Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming, and sharing innovative        ideas.

2023 Membership Committee Action Items:
   1.  Determine a 2023 membership campaign.
   2.  Determine 2023 member get a member campaign.
   3.  Support the efforts of recruiting and retaining NARI Kansas City members.
   4.  Recommend and develop NARI Kansas City member benefits.
   5.  Recommend future membership committee structure.
   6.  Provide Board of Directors reports of actions, discussions, and recommendations.
   7.  Recommend 2024 retention and recruiting strategies.

List of those currently on the Membership Committee:
   •   Bill Arnold – Surface Center Interiors, LLC
   •   Doug Bringman – NiteLites of KC Outdoor Lighting
   •   Hank Bednar – Bednar Interiors Inc.
   •   Jake Roach, CR – Martanne Construction
   •   Jared Webb – Design KC
   •   Julie Cordel – RockTops Granite & Stone Fabrications
   •   Maddy Maas, CRPM – Mission Kitchen & Bath