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Remodeler Roundtable

EXCLUSIVE for Remodeler Contractor members!

This is an opportunity for the remodeling contractor membership to get access to business owners and staff to talk about how they address issues in their business.

The goal of the Remodeler Roundtable event is to foster meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas among the participants, leading to a deeper understanding of the topic and potential solutions to the issues being discussed.

The format of the Remodeler Roundtable will be informal and interactive, with participants seated around the table with no more than 14 participants.  The discussion will be focused on a particular theme or issue, with each participant given an opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, and recommendations on the topic.  The theme will be determined by the attendees. 

The Remodeler Roundtables are held from 11:30am – 1pm at the Association Office and lunch will be served.

How do I know if I fall into the Remodeler Contractor Membership Category?
As defined in the Association By-Laws, a Remodeler Contractor is as follows – “Companies that are hired by the homeowner to manage a remodeling project.”  If you are unsure if you qualify to participate in the Remodeler Roundtable, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff for clarification at or call (913) 362-8833.

Earn 1 CEU by attending this event.

2024 Remodeler Roundtables:
   •   February 6th
   •   March 12th
   •   May 14th
   •   July 9th
   •   September 10th
   •   November 12th