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Who We Are

Since 2016 the Futures Fund has raised more than $175,000 to support Kansas City area trade programs. Formed to enhance and promote careers in the remodeling industry.

Our Mission:  To enhance and promote careers in the remodeling industry.

Our Strategy:

  • Enhance the public perception about careers in the remodeling industry.
  • Create opportunities for those looking for rewarding careers to experience and understand the career paths and rewards within the remodeling industry.
  • Work with the community and secondary schools to prioritize education and training in skills important to the remodeling industry.
  • Provide resources to assist individuals that show interest in establishing a career I the remodeling industry through education, training and exposure to remodeling contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Our Past:

  • 14 local trade programs have received over $125,000 in grants to support the purchase of tools and equipment for the classroom or specific projects.
  • Members of our Association have given more than a 1,300 hours of volunteer time to support future trades workers in the classroom and by offering job shadowing at their company.
  • $50,000 dollars of in-kind value donated to schools in materials and tools by our Association members.
  • Students are connected to our Association companies that have job opportunities at the annual Association job fair.

Our Future:

  • Explore opportunities to support the initiatives of the Workforce Development Council.
  • Develop and educate young people about a career path vs having a job in the trades.
  • Brand working in the remodeling industry as an attractive career path by developing craftsperson skills and financial freedom.

Why We Do It

In October 2017, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the projections overview and highlights for 2016-26. In the report it stated “Changing demographics in the population will have far-reaching effects on the labor force, the economy, and employment over the 2016–26 decade. The overall labor force participation rate is projected to decline as older workers leave the labor force, constraining economic growth. The aging baby-boomer segment of the population will drive demand for healthcare services and related occupations.”

What BLS didn’t predict was the pandemic, the technology influence and midlife career changes that were going to take place. Futures Fund was designed to help the remodeling industry support the development of future workforce.