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Sponsorship Levels

Want to host or sponsor an event or program?

Our Association is the voice of the remodeling industry.  Our sponsorship program allows for easy access to a targeted Kansas City professional remodeling audience.  The opportunities are intended to put your company and products in front of the most credible remodeling professionals in the Kansas City area, our members.  By supporting our Association, you are committed to building the residential remodeling professional of tomorrow.  If you don’t see a sponsorship that fits your company needs, please call us at (913) 362.8833 and we can customize a package for your company.


Association Levels of Sponsorship

Association Levels of sponsorship are determined by dollar amounts your company has paid to support the programs of our Association.  Your company can be recognized as an association sponsor for the commitment of the dollar levels below.

   •  Titanium:  $15,000+
   •  Diamond:  $10,000 – $14,999
   •  Platinum:  $7,000 – $9,999
   •  Gold:  $5,500 – $6,999
   •  Silver:  $4,000 – $5,499
   •  Bronze:  $2,500 – $3,999

Association levels of sponsorship are determined by the collective amount that your company determines to support the association for the year.  While association levels of sponsorship can be determined at different times of the year, it should be a best practice to determine this now to ensure your company doesn’t miss the complete value of the association levels sponsorship.   Association level sponsorships are only valid during a calendar year and start over every January.  Your company must recommit every year.

All association level sponsors will receive:
• Recognition on our website
• Recognition at all programs throughout the year
• Logo recognition at the Association office
• Recognition in the 2025 Remodel KC guide as an association sponsor

Please email Sarah, our Office Manager, at for sponsorship details and requesting of sponsorships.  Please note, unless noted, sponsorship opportunities can be purchased individually and do not require association level sponsorships.


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities:

   •  Lanyards $2,500 (Right of refusal to Kenny’s Tile):  Imagine your logo and brand colors elegantly       displayed on sleek, high-quality lanyards draped around the necks of event attendees at the Luncheons and       Winter Conference. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement! Our lanyards transform your brand into a       walking billboard, ensuring that your message is front and center.
   •  Coffee Break – $4,000 (Right of refusal to McCray Lumber & Millwork):  Positions your brand as a key       player by being prominently featured during coffee breaks. Align your brand with positive experiences and       a moment of relaxation, creating a memorable experience with event attendees and at the Association       office. Your logo prominently featured on custom cups, banners, and promotional materials at all coffee       break stations.
   •  Product Roundtable – $1,000:  Want to have a target audience to showcase your company? Choose from a       list of members to invite to an exclusive lunch at the Association office. Attendees will be limited to no       more than 15 attendants. The Association will handle the logistics on your behalf.
   •  Promotional Mailing – $700:  Need a way to get your product in front of our membership? Sponsor provides       the 8.5 x 11 promotional piece and the Association will mail it in an Association envelope to the       membership.
   •  Education Sponsorship – $6,000:  This sponsorship shows your support of all things Education at the       Association. Secure this sponsorship and get all sponsorship benefits for Luncheons, Field Training, Product       Roundtable and an exhibit space at the Winter Conference.
   •  Enhanced Website Listing – $175:  Want more than your company listed as a member on the website? Over       200k searches were done on our business directory in 2023. This enhancement allows your company logo       to be displayed and for potential customers & partners to learn more about your company.
   •  Website Banner – $800:  Send consumers directly to your website with a website banner under specific       product categories.