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Past President Listing

Serving as a volunteer President of NARI KC is one of the toughest positions.  Your company must allow you to use time and resources to support the day-to-day activities of the association.  We would like to thank all our Past Presidents for their dedication and tenacity. 

2021 Jonathan Kelly

2020 Judy Transue, CR, CRPM, UDCP

2019 Joni Smith

2018 Chris Peterson, MCR, CRPM, CLC

2017 Austin Cornell

2016 Pat Strand, CR

2015 Gene Bosley

2014 Jerry Hillard

2013 Mike Guthrie

2012 Meredyth Melcher

2011 Mark Heinze, CR

2010 Mark Crider

2009 Charles Copeland, CKBR

2008 John Roach, MCR, CKBR

2007 Debby Allmon, CR, UDCP

2006 Scott Balentine, CR, CLC

2005 Randy Metzler

2004 Dennis Clark

2003 Terry Skilling, CR

2002 Candi Hilton, CR

2001 Phil Perry, CR

2000 Charlie Blair, CR, CKBR

1999 John Franken

1998 Greg Heiman, CR

1997 Barry French

1996 Merl Rice

1994-95 Richard Gercken

1990-92 Jake Schloegel, CR