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Education Committee

The NARI Kansas City Education Committee is to initiate and plan the education content offered to remodeling professionals.

Committee Members Responsibilities:
   1.  Serves in an advisory role to guide the committee.
   2.  Expresses ideas and provides input.
   3.  Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming, and sharing innovative        ideas.

2023 Education Committee Action Items:
   1.  Determine education content for 2023 for the following event:
        – 1Q and 3Q Networking Events
        – 2Q and 4Q Conferences
        – Roundtables – A roundtable discussion is an organized conversation with one moderator, several            chosen speakers that bring a variety of perspectives to a subject, and an audience who may simply            observe or participate by asking questions.
         – Field Training – Technical training provided to support the education of our member field personnel.
         – Workshops – A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a             particular subject or project.
   2.  Develop strategy plan for study groups.
   3.  Recommend future education committee structure.
   4.  Provide Board of Directors reports of actions, discussions, and recommendations.
   5.  Recommend 2024 education programs.

List of those currently on the Education Committee:
   •   Derick Shackelford, CR, CRPM, CLC – Shack Built, LLC
   •   Ed Jenkins – Banner Garage
   •   Erik Kolseth – Gateway Mortgage
   •   Joanna Schiller – ABCO Supply, LLC
   •   Michelle Cruse – Koch Construction
   •   Mike O’Connell, MCRS, GCP, CAPS – Hayes Insulation
   •   Rene Purtee – Arvest Bank