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Interest Groups

Interest groups within the Association play a vital role for members with shared interests and challenges to collectively address their unique needs, advocate for their concerns, and take advantage of opportunities specific to their industry segment.  This collective approach often results in greater influence, stronger representation, and more valuable support for businesses within a particular sector. What do we use interest groups for?

The primary purpose of all interest group events is to cultivate substantive conversations and the sharing of ideas among participants, aiming to enhance their comprehension of the topic and explore potential solutions to the issues in question. The event format will typically be relaxed and interactive. Unless otherwise specified, the discussion will revolve around a specific theme or issue, allowing each participant to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and recommendations on the subject. The theme will be collectively determined by the attendees. Each session provides one (1) CEU.

2024 interest groups include:  Remodeler Roundtable, Designer Forum, Project Manager Talk, Women in Remodeling, Future Leaders of Remodeling and Parking Lot.