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Association Philosophies


Offer individuals engaged in personal or professional remodeling the highest standards of craftsmanship and ethics.


Lead the advancement and promotion of professionalism within the remodeling industry.


As the unified voice of the remodeling industry, we foster a community of ethical remodeling professionals committed to upholding values that resonate with both their peers and the broader public.

Core Purpose:

Elevate and advocate for the remodeling industry as a reputable and sustainable professional sector.


5 Pillars of Success:


We will increase member value for the purpose of expanding and diversifying membership.

Membership shows a commitment to elevate the remodeling industry and provides an opportunity for a seat at the table in an association that affects positive change in the remodeling industry.


We will provide high quality professional development activities that increase the level of competency for those working in the remodeling industry or exploring an investment into their home.

By understanding the target audience’s educational needs, we will develop specific aids tailored to their individual requirements.

                                  We aim to serve as a proficient delivery platform, enhancing industry expertise and                                   elevating the overall competency level in a professional manner.

     Workforce Development

We will drive collaboration, diversity, and inclusion to create career pathways for the future remodeling workforce.

By collaborating with the future workforce influencers, we can carry a unified message of skillsets that are needed in remodeling and influence the development of the                                     essential skills.

     Codes & Standards

We will influence the development, promotion and understanding of published codes, standards, and other regulatory bodies.

Lack of oversite will continue to drive the need for standardizing. Regulatory bodies are dependent on industry experts for the development of codes and standards.

                                       Lack of regulation and litigation continues to impact the need for standardization.


We will be the primary resource for industry data, technical knowledge, and regulatory guidance.

The diverse industry segments require the need to build strong relationships with government agencies and trade organizations.

                                    Through the efforts, we will collect, maintain, analyze and disseminate results to the                                     remodeling industry.