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Future Leaders of Remodeling

Just getting started in remodeling? Not sure how to network or have struggles and successes you want to translate into best practices?  If you have been in remodeling for less than 7 years, this is the meeting for you!

In October 2023, the Board of Directors approved the Future Leaders of Remodeling. Here is the program outline and purpose of the program:
  •  Interest group that fosters collaboration and community of people that       have worked in remodeling for no more than 7 years.
  •  Who can participate?  People who have worked in remodeling for no more than 7 years & must be a       member of our Association.
  •  How often will they meet?  Every month before an After 5 event.
       1.  Participate in activities to help them build confidence to network and ask questions.
       2.  Identify social impact activities and learn how to present them to member companies.
       3.  Discuss challenges and successes and translate them into best practices to the remodeling industry.
       4.  Association award:
             a.  Futures Award: Awarding an individual at a company who is emerging as a leader in remodeling                   that advocates for the industry among peers, volunteers, engages in learning about the industry.

Meetings will be held from 3:30 – 5pm (before After 5) at the After 5 hosting location that month.  Lunch will not be served at this event.

2024 Future Leaders in Remodeling Meetings: 
   •  January 30th at MSI