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History of Our Association



Our Association

In 1961, our journey began as the Kansas City Home Improvement Contractors Association, rooted in a steadfast commitment to ethical standards. Over the decades, we’ve undergone transformation, culminating in a pivotal moment in 1985 when we joined forces with NARI national, becoming the Kansas City chapter, dedicated to elevating the remodeling industry with a resolute message of professionalism.

In 2010, NARI Kansas City took a significant stride towards alignment with NARI national, solidifying our direction through a comprehensive strategic plan. However, challenges arose leading in 2021, as discontent brewed among 15 NARI chapters, demanding structural changes at the national level. Despite our efforts to address these concerns, the lack of response from NARI National led to the disaffiliation of one chapter, prompting several others to follow suit.

Undeterred by these setbacks, in 2022, the Kansas City chapter of NARI embarked on a proactive path, advocating for a robust strategic plan and a cohesive brand and culture. Yet, in January 2024, NARI national made the decision to sever ties with NARI Kansas City, prompting another change in our identity but not our people, places or programs.

Moving forward, we are steadfast in our commitment to excellence, built upon five pillars of success: Membership, Education, Workforce Development, Code & Standards, and Resources. Our objective is clear: to enhance member value, offer top-tier professional development opportunities, and foster collaboration, diversity, and inclusion within the industry. Additionally, we aim to shape the landscape of published codes, standards, and regulations while serving as the foremost repository of industry data, technical expertise, and regulatory guidance.

Above all, we remain dedicated to meeting the needs of our members and all stakeholders impacted by the remodeling industry. As we embark on this new chapter, we extend a warm invitation for you to join us on our journey towards a brighter future.


About Remodeling Institute

“Remodeling Institute” reflects the institute’s enduring commitment to its members and the remodeling industry. With a fresh identity and strategic direction, the institute is poised to lead the advancement and promotion of professionalism within the industry while advocating for its sustainable growth.

The institute is a non-profit 501c (6) membership trade association committed to raising the standards of professionalism within the remodeling industry. The institute represents all facets of the remodeling industry with an emphasis on residential remodeling. Through its various programs, the institute promotes training and a highly professional, responsible image of the remodeling profession. The Remodeling Institute members must abide by professional remodeling ethics, and they work collaboratively to protect the homeowners from a bad remodeling experience.