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5 Free Remodeling Resources For  National Home Improvement Month

5 Free Remodeling Resources for National Home Improvement Month


The month of May has many thinking about, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Memorial Day and… National Home Improvement Month!


In 2002, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) created National Home Improvement Month in May with the backing of the U.S. Congress. Today, this initiative helps consumers learn about their homes, recognize signs that something needs repair, and to work with qualified experts on home improvements and remodeling. Today, this initiative has gained momentum with a new generation of homeowners who are spending more time at home.


One of the primary areas of focus for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is to connect homeowners with remodeling experts and to help them make their dream homes a reality.


In honor of National Home Improvement Month, KC NARI would like to offer FREE remodeling resources to help you get started with your next home improvement project.

Free Remodeling Resources

Remodeling Checklist

Use this simple checklist as you embark on planning your remodeling project.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Remodeler

Finding the right remodeler can be overwhelming! These tips will help you find a dedicated remodeling professional to get the job done right.

Questions to Ask a Potential Remodeler

Before hiring a remodeler, you’ll need to do your research. We’ve compiled this list of questions you should ask a potential remodeler before getting started.

QUIZ: Should I DIY or Hire a Professional?

Take this helpful quiz to decide if your project is a DIY (do-it-yourself) job, or if you’ll need to call in a professional.

2022 Remodeling Guide

Our NEW 2022 Remodeling Guide is chock full of information, resources and inspiration! Be sure to download this free guide and browse the pages as you plan your remodeling project.

Ready to Remodel?

If you’ve done all your research and are ready to hire a remodeler, make sure you hire a trustworthy, ethical remodeler that’s a member of Kansas City NARI. HERE is the member directory of NARI Professionals.