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Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in being a content leader at a NARI KC event.  NARI KC is always looking for good speakers and presenters.  There are several opportunities to speak at a NARI KC event.  A list of some of those opportunities is included below.

All NARI KC members and industry leaders are invited and encouraged to submit education session proposals for the various types of programs NARI KC offers throughout the year.  Please feel free to forward to non-NARI KC industry experts who you feel would be good presenter options for NARI KC. 


Our Audience

NARI KC’s primary members are residential remodeling general and specialty contractor companies.  The membership includes a diverse group of businesses that offer products and services to the remodeling industry that support the remodeling general and specialty contractors, which includes accountants, lenders, suppliers, manufacturers, marketing, insurance agents, etc.  Members attend NARI KC events looking for information on best practices and ways to deliver more value to their careers, their business, their employees, and their customers.


We have many different speaking opportunities.

   •  Roundtables:  We need moderators to lead a close discussion and exploration of a specific topic with        remodeling business owners.  Participants will be sharing information/experience/questions about the        specific topic and take away a better understanding and information from the roundtable.  These events        are typically no more than an hour and hold at least 6 per year.  NARI KC offers continuing education for        this session and the attendees will receive a certificate.  These sessions are held at the NARI KC office and        we will provide lunch, as they typically start at 11:30 am.  Topics may include: supply chain challenges,        recruiting employees, operations efficiencies, company culture, etc.
   •  Field Trainings:  This training is intended for companies to have a solution for training their field        employees.  These trainings are typically no more than an hour and a half and at least 6 are held per year.         NARI KC offers continuing education for your training and the attendees will receive a certificate.  These        sessions are held at the NARI KC office, and we will provide dinner for the attendees, as they typically start        at 4:00 pm.  Topics may include window installs, building stairs, decks, tool application, ladder use,        framing, etc.
   •  Spring Conference:  This event will be held May 17, 2023.  There is an hour-long opening keynote        presentation followed by a series of 60-minute breakout sessions.  This event includes a tradeshow and        career fair and concludes with a reception.
   •  Winter Conference:  This event is held annually in November.  There is an hour-long opening keynote        presentation followed by a series of 60-minute breakout sessions.  This event includes a tradeshow and        concludes with a reception.


Exposure to the Remodeling Industry!

Speaking at a NARI KC event is a marketing opportunity.  Many of NARI KC’s members look to current and former NARI KC speakers when they need a service or even a presenter.  So, speaking at NARI KC is great exposure for your company!


Tips for your proposals

  •  Content is king – If you really want to impress the NARI KC audience, pack your presentation with powerful       content.
  •  Be authentic and vulnerable – Don’t be afraid to speak of failure as well as success.
  •  Customize – Be sure your content truly speaks to the audience and is customized to their unique situations.
  •  Knowledge sharing is the most effective marketing – Sale pitches disguised as education will result in poor       ratings and lost opportunities.

If you are interested in submitting an idea for a presentation to NARI KC, please complete the following form.  Submissions are reviewed by the NARI KC staff and Education Committee.  The information submitted will be used for marketing purposes.  You may be asked for additional information.  Questions? Email
NOTE:  Presentations must be educational.  We understand that our speakers wish to network with attendees and showcase their services, but we kindly ask that your presentation not be a sales pitch.  Networking time will be made available to speakers, sponsors, and attendees for this purpose.  We appreciate your cooperation.  We will keep all presentations and speaker information on file in the event your presentation is not selected.