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Women In Remodeling

Are you a woman looking to explore, work, and build a sustainable livelihood in the remodeling industry?  Look no further, because the “Women in Remodeling” program is here to support and empower you!  Whether you’re just starting your career in remodeling or are a seasoned professional, this program is designed for you.

Women In Remodeling meetings are held from 11:30am – 1pm at the Association Office and lunch will be served.

Earn 1 CEU by attending this event.

In October 2023, the Board of Directors approved the Women In Remodeling Program. Here is the program outline and purpose of the program:
     1.  Women in Remodeling Week.
     2.  Association Awards:
           •  Visionary Award – This person shows high integrity and passion for changing the culture of the                         remodeling industry while creating an equitable environment for women.
           •  Entrepreneur Award – Celebrates female owned company, their person successes and achievements                    and how they individually inspire others.
      3.  Girls Renovate Program: Connecting women in remodeling with girls in the pre/early career/future            leaders in remodeling.
           •  Sponsoring/Mentoring
           •  Project days with students (ex: swing sets painted, playhouses renovated, dream home built for a girl                that is sick/partner with Childrens Mercy Hospital)
           •  Partner with Girl Scouts/Lego Company competitions
      4.  Translate overcoming challenges for women working in remodeling. Communicate to the industry what             happened and develop standardized onboarding practices members can use to support their diverse,                 inclusion culture.
      5.  Share stories of courage, perseverance and resilience of women working in remodeling.
            •  Name
            •  What do you do?
            •  How old are you?
            •  How long have you been working in remodeling?
            •  Describe the last 24 months of your career.
            •  Is there anything you recognize you did, that you wish you could have done differently in your                            remodeling career?
            •  What did you do to change it?
            •  What role have you taken to help impact change for women in remodeling?
            •  What is the most recent thing that has happened that you questioned yourself and what work did                      you do to change that?
            •  What men shaped you and how?
            •  Thoughts on the future of women in remodeling?
            •  Leadership philosophies?
            •  What do you think we need to advance the industry and get more women involved?
            •  How did you end up in your current role?
            •  What are some of the biggest challenges you faced?
            •  What do you like most about what you do?

2024 Women In Remodeling Meetings:
   •  January 8th
   •  March 11th
   •  May 13th
   •  July 8th
   •  September 9th
   •  November 11th