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Women In Remodeling

Are you a woman looking to explore, work, and build a sustainable livelihood in the remodeling industry?  Look no further, because the “Women in Remodeling” program is here to support and empower you!  Whether you’re just starting your career in remodeling or are a seasoned professional, this program is designed for you.

Women In Remodeling meetings are held from 11:30am – 1pm at the Association Office and lunch will be served.

Earn 1 CEU by attending this event.

Agenda Includes:
  1.  Submitted request
  2.  Women in Remodeling awards criteria
  3.  Certification for marketing services for women
  4.  Women in Remodeling Day or Week

2024 Women In Remodeling Meetings:
   •  January 8th
   •  March 11th
   •  May 13th
   •  July 8th
   •  September 9th
   •  November 11th