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Workforce Development Council

The Workforce Development Council develops programs that will educate, develop, and inspire the future remodeling workforce. 

Council Members Responsibilities:
   1.  Serves in an advisory role to guide the council.
   2.  Expresses ideas and provides input.
   3.  Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming, and sharing innovative        ideas.

2024 Workforce Development Council Action Items:
   1.  Pay scales.
   2.  Support schools with no formal trade programs.
   3.  Streamline requests from schools.
   4.  Explore targeting a different workforce option such as second chance employment, veterans, early career.

List of those currently on the Workforce Development Council:
   •   Allen Deuschle, CR – Kansas City Remodel
   •   Cameron Seip – LECET – Labor-Employer Cooperation & Education Trust
   •   Cody Wright – McCray Lumber & Millwork
   •   Karen Hughey – KR-HR and Nucleus Training
   •   Mike O’Connell, MCRS, GCP, CAPS – Hayes Insulation
   •   Sean DeSouza, CR – Excellence In Construction
   •   Ted Kincaid, CRPM, CLC, MCR – Black Oak Construction, LLC
   •   Trevor Burns – McCray Lumber & Millwork