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Sponsorship Levels

NARI KC is the voice of the remodeling industry. Our sponsorship program allows for easy access to a targeted Kansas City professional remodeling audience. The opportunities are intended to put your company and products in front of the most credible remodeling professionals in the Kansas City area, our members. By supporting NARI KC, you are committed to building the residential remodeling professional of tomorrow. If you don’t see a sponsorship that fits your company needs, please call us at (913) 362.8833 and we can customize a package for your company.

Association Levels of Sponsorship

Association Levels of sponsorship are determined by dollar amounts your company has paid to support the programs of NARI KC.  Your company can be recognized as an association sponsor for the commitment of the dollar levels below.

   •  Titanium:  $15,000 & Over
   •  Diamond:  $10,000 – $14,999
   •  Platinum:  $7,000 – $9,999
   •  Gold:  $5,500 – $6,999
   •  Silver:  $4,000 – $5,499
   •  Bronze:  $2,500 – $3,999

Association levels of sponsorship are determined by the collective amount that your company determines to support the association for the year. While association levels of sponsorship can be determined at different times of the year, it should be a best practice to determine this now to ensure your company doesn’t miss the complete value of the association levels sponsorship.  Association level sponsorships are only valid during a calendar year and start over every January. Your company must recommit every year.