Building the Future of the Remodeling Industry

Futures Fund Purpose:
The purpose of the Kansas City NARI Futures Fund, the educational and charitable arm of the Kansas City NARI chapter, is to engage in educational programs and activities for the benefit and enlightenment of the public with respect to home remodeling and improvement.

Healthy Industry
The remodeling industry is thriving, offering full employment and generous compensation. Besides a healthy paycheck, there is a tremendous reward in contributing toward a job well done. Completing a project and knowing that one’s work will stand for years to come is a major component of job satisfaction.

Remodeling: A Sound Investment and Rewarding Career
Home improvement and remodeling is now a $300 billion per year industry, with no limits in sight.  Environmental awareness puts a greater emphasis on maintaining and restoring older housing stock in urban areas. High transportation costs make a long commute impractical, and today’s families often prefer to remodel, staying in familiar neighborhoods near school, church and work.  There is an increasing need for young, well-trained craftsmen to carry on the work as an older generation nears retirement. Remodeling careers are immensely rewarding in terms of personal satisfaction, skill development and generous income.

Impact of Donations to the Futures Fund
The Future Funds, administered as a 501-C3 charity through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, is an ongoing way to enhance and promote careers in the remodeling industry.  The Kansas City NARI Futures Fund focuses fundraising and giving efforts toward attracting individuals to careers in the industry and improving training, educational and job opportunities that are available from remodeling contractors, subcontractors, and related supplier companies.  Donations from companies, foundations or individuals are appreciated. 

In its inaugural year, Kansas City NARI Futures Fund presented the following three grants:

  • $1,500 to the Independence School District for field trips for their construction trades students
  • $4,050 to Kansas City Kansas Community College for class equipment and field trips for their building and property maintenance program
  • $4,730 to the Olathe Public Schools for equipment for their construction trades program.

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