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Why Should I Join NARI KC?

How does the NARI brand set you apart?

What is a professional association?

NARI KC’s most important asset is its members.  They come from all niches of the remodeling industry.  We have Ma and Pa shops, large remodeling contractors, small and large specialty contractors, designers and lenders are only a few types of members.  Each member is unique and has something to offer the remodeling industry.  Collectively, you won’t find a greater wealth of remodeling knowledge or information from any other company or association in the industry.

A sense of community and harmonization is the heart of NARI KC.  Members voluntarily join NARI KC because they want to work together on a common cause – to be ambassadors of the remodeling industry, offering education and guidance to both those within the profession and beyond.  Our efforts ensure that our members and their services are known throughout our community. 

Our community interacts with each other at the NARI KC events.  NARI KC members are characteristically open to sharing their expertise, as well as mentoring others.  The local nature of NARI KC affords the possibility of interchange and networking with peers from diverse communities and cultural backgrounds.

NARI KC is an organization that strives to elevate the standards of practice in the remodeling profession by educating its members on better business practices, trends and innovative solutions to difficult problems.