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UDCPs are experienced remodelers, skilled in all aspects of universal design and remodeling.

As an UDCP, you will:
   •   Position yourself as an indispensable resource to your clients with universal design project needs
   •   Validate your professionalism, expertise and dedication to quality
   •   Increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace
   •   Develop your professional skill set and set your career in remodeling up for success

The UDCP Program addresses the key concepts of Universal Design as applied to residential remodeling:
   •   Conducting client needs assessments
   •   Universal design applications used in residential remodeling
   •   Construction techniques used to implement universal design to a remodeling project
   •   Plumbing and electrical systems unique to universal design
   •   Differences between model building codes and ones described in the Americans with Disabilities Act         (ADA)

Eligibility Requirements:
   •   Minimum of 2 years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
   •   Minimum of 8 hours of universal design remodeling/building-related education or attendance of NARI’s         UDCP online prep course

Have questions about NARI Certification? 
Contact NARI Certification Staff at (847) 298-9200 or