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Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is designed for the future leaders of your company.  Over 12 months, leaders will attend 4 in-person sessions that will address specific leadership soft skills.  The leader will build network of peers to use in the future and your company will be recognized on website that have graduating students.  At the end of the 12 months, leaders receive a graduation at a NARI Kansas City event.  The facilitator of this series, Devin Brady, serves as the General Manager of Sales for Pella Products of Kansas City (PPKC).  He leads, trains, and coaches a team of sales professionals across multiple divisions.

Session 1:  Leadership and Change Management. 
Critical competencies in leaders is the ability to manage change.  Learn change management tactics and what everyone goes through when change is introduced.

Session 2:  The Dynamic Leader – 11 Principles for Highly Effective Leadership
A good leader inspires people to do something bigger than themselves – to work together to accomplish key objectives and to pool their strengths and resources to achieve great things.  A good leader helps their team members become the absolute best version of themselves.  A leader is different than an organizer.  An organizer gathers resources and deploys them in the most effective manner.  Yes, an organizer brings people together, but they don’t inspire them to take big, bold action.  Organizers are about efficiency, while leaders are about vision.  The good news is that leadership is NOT something you’re born with.  Rather, it’s something you learn over time through practice.  And you can become a better leader than you currently are.  If you’re not an effective leader now, you can grow and become an effective leader.  You can learn the skills and techniques necessary to have social influence.

Session 3: Leaderless, Lousy Leadership Traits
There is no lack of things that we can learn from great leaders.  All it takes is a quick look into some of our greatest leaders, and you can learn about things like: How to inspire, How to motivate, and How to carry yourself.  Great leaders have all sorts of traits and habits that you should consider adopting.  Great leaders are often bold, persistent, and adaptable.  However, for those of us living in the real world, we have certainly come in contact with plenty of lousy leaders.  Whether it was a teacher in our past, an old boss, or a smarmy politician who lied to us, we have all dealt with horrible leaders.  It would be simple to just ignore these people and try to forget about them, but what if I told you that you could learn just as much from these leaders as the great ones?  It’s true!  These leaders provide us glowing examples of leadership traits that we should avoid.  Learn from the mistakes of horrible leaders and ensure you don’t follow them down the same lousy leadership path.  In this session we learn about ten leadership traits to actively avoid and begin implementing the leadership traits that drive results in our business.

Session 4: The Wholeness of Servant Leadership
This session will require the reading of ‘The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership’ to participate in the group activities & learning sessions.
Across this session, we will:
•Illustrate the connection of servant leadership to culture
•Understand the importance of servant leadership for each of us, our teams, and the organization
•Define and explore the five core elements of servant leadership
•Explore ideas for growing and applying the skills & behaviors in our day-to-day interactions