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Certified Remodeler (CR)

CRs are recognized as highly experienced remodeling professionals who provide a full range of remodeling services.  CRs possess expertise in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas, identifying them as well-rounded remodeling experts capable of managing all aspects of a remodeling project.

The CR Program addresses the fundamentals of managing a full range remodeling operation:
   •  Sound business operations and procedures necessary for operational efficiency and increased profitability
   •  Key financial indicators a remodeler/business owner must manage
   •  Various marketing tools remodelers use to promote their services
   •  Navigating building codes and communicating with code officials
   •  Job site evaluation and identifying hidden defects and unknown conditions
   •  Green remodeling and building science
   •  Capabilities of the various trades required on the remodeling project and how to determine if the work is        performed correctly

Eligibility Requirements:
   •   Currently employed by or own a firm that derives at least 90% of its sales volume through remodeling         work
   •   Minimum of 5 years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
   •   Minimum of 16 hours of continuing education


Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS)

CRS are specialized remodeling professionals who focus on one specific type of service, such as concrete and masonry, electrical, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, roofing and siding, etc.

To qualify for CRS certification, applicants must meet the same requirements as a CR.


Certified Remodeler Associate (CRA)

CRA is a professional who actively supports the remodeling industry in professions such as architects, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants.

To qualify for CRA certification, applicants must meet the same requirements as a CR.


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