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Accredited Remodeling Company


NARI’s Accredited Remodeling Company Program is founded on the first and only consensus-based management standard outlining the primary characteristics of successful, quality remodeling organizations.


NARI Accreditation is founded on universally accepted management principles and focuses on management, operations, performance systems, and processes proven to be characteristic of successful remodeling organizations.

It is designed to assist remodeling business owners in building better, more responsive, and easier to manage companies.

Whether you’re planning for growth or succession, the high standards of NARI Accreditation can provide the management toolkit to reach the next stage.

Pursuing NARI Accreditation Will:
   •  Help growing companies develop the management systems necessary to reach the next level and support        future growth.
   •  Assist business owners preparing for retirement to ready the company to pass on to the next generation        and set your legacy up for success.
   •  Make your company more attractive to prospective buyers by helping you implement a solid management        framework.

Have questions about NARI Accreditation? 
Contact NARI Accreditation Staff at (847) 298-9200 or