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Why Participate?

A Letter Charlie Schloegel, CR, UDCP, Remodeled Homes Tour Committee Chair

As you are planning your 2022 marketing participation, it’s important that you don’t forget participating in the 2022 Remodeled Homes Tour. This is an affordable way to market the quality and craftsmanship of your company to a focused audience. The Remodeled Homes Tour is an annual event produced by Kansas City NARI for our members contractors who want to showcase their projects. It’s also a great place to allow your employees “bragging rights” for a job well done and for them to meet potential clients. The 24th Annual Remodeled Homes Tour is slated for April 30 – May 1, 2022).

The goals of the Remodeled Homes Tour remain the same:

  • Provide a member benefit! Only KC NARI contractors can enter a home in the tour. KC NARI members that
  • Promoting the tour. We use paid social media advertising as well as various ad campaigns to market and advertise the Remodeled Homes Tour.
  • Help KC NARI members write new business.
  • Raise money for Kansas City NARI Future’s Fund. Ticket sales proceeds go to enhance and promote careers in the remodeling industry!

I invite you to explore this section of the website. You will find what other members have to say, a toolbox to help you talk to your homeowner and plan your participation and registration. Have more questions, feel free to reach out to Kansas City NARI directly at (913) 362-8833.


Charlie Schloegel, CR, UDCP
2022 Remodeled Homes Tour Committee Chair

What do other members say? 

What do homeowners say?

  • It’s a worthwhile experience! I recommend that the homeowner also be there.  Many times, visitors want to talk to the homeowner, not the remodeler—to get the real scoop             on the project—from the homeowner’s perspective.
  • We left Saturday for the entire day, Sunday for part of the time. It was easier to be gone the whole time.
  • Remember the experience is a whole lot of fun.
  • It was a very good experience. I would do it again!
  • Just do it…our contractor deserved praise for the good work he did. I hope he gets some business from the Tour.
  • We opted to stay home and to conduct our own tours through our home. It was exciting and exhausting!  Board your pets.
  • We had a blast! It was a big commitment, but so was the remodel project!  The people touring was respectful of our home!
  • Put remotes out of sight.
  • Clearly mark any “off-limits” areas.
  • Contractor arrived both days in plenty of time for us to pack up dogs and leave before anyone else showed up for the Tour.
  • The house was neat and clean afterwards.
  • Have quick-to-grab snacks available for those who are “working” your project.
  • Make sure they put plastic on your carpet—both days!